Sunday, July 26, 2009

College Email

'Lo GP,

I received a discounted residence room at my university which cut down my residence fees by 50%, and almost lost it. This was because, despite their original correspondence with me through my hotmail account, they decided to tell me I'd received the room through my university email. An account which I rarely check. In order to secure this room I had to reply by a deadline that I had already missed by at least three hours. Thankfully, the residence section of my university understood my misunderstanding, but not before the woman stated at least five times that it said at the end of every email sent to my hotmail account that I should check my university one.

So let me tell you this. As soon as you recieve your university email it is active. You should be checking it at often as you check your regular email account. While some people may simply have their university email forwarded to their hotmail account, I have been told time and time again by upperclassmen that things get lost in cyberspace. And to be honest, is it really that hard to check it?

That's all for now,
bye bye
- Evinus

Helpful College/University Tip #3: Always check your university email. As soon as you get it, treat it as you would your regular email account.

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