Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Actually Cook Things in College

'Lo GP,

I little while ago I told you all how to season meat. Then I thought. What about the next step. It seems obvious to me that you would simply put the meat in the pan and fry it. But then again, somethings you need to bake in the oven; which is an entirely different process. This video will help you.

Hopefully that's helpful to you all!

Helpful College Tip: If you have to choose between getting a meal plan and cooking for yourself I'd go with the meal plan. With all your studying and partying you likely won't want to bother making yourself each meal. With a meal plan you can pick up something to eat without taking much time. Not to mention it's sometimes expensive to make a good healthy meal. But if you're desperate for cash, cup noodles will always be cheaper, though you may end up gaining the freshman 15.

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