Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mnemonic Devices (How to remember names)

'Sup GP,

In college, and in life, it is very important that you remember names. Many people take personal offense if you fail to remember their name, believing that they were not important or exciting enough to remember. And let's face it, they probably weren't, otherwise you would have remembered their name. But if you want to make friends and try, and try not to offend people, you should get good at remembering their names. And if you can't remember, make sure you have a system so they don't realize you've forgotten their name. This video will show you some techniques.

All joking aside, I actually do sometimes never say someone's name. If they realize it, it never shows. Obviously this is not a perfect system, but it has its uses. And if your conversation is fun and engaging they are even less likely to notice you haven't once said their name.

Helpful College Tip #2: Look up some mnemonic devices and try them out before you go for your first day, especially if you don't attend frosh week. In frosh week you will likely be forced to do endless icebreakers and likely know at least 15 people's names. But wouldn't it kick a$$ if you could blow minds during icebreakers by remembering everyone's name on the first try? Not only does it make you memorable, but you come off as a person who listens and pays attention to others.

Bye bye GP
- Evinus

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