Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the Beginning

Today while sitting at home in monotony watching a show on Cosmo TV that attempted to be both entertaining and education I was struck with the idea to make a you tube video. And this is my lovely product.

Follow me as I catalog my entire trip through freshman year at my university while I give you helpful tips and tricks along the way to survive and spice up your freshman year at college or university. Will it be entertaining? Yes. Why? Because my entire life up until now hasn't been all the momentousness so anything else that happens will be great.

Helpful College/University Tip #1: If you do happen to get a fat or unfat roommate who happens to give it up easy, a smart investment is earplugs. You may also want to sleep facing the wall. And try to ignore the shadows you may seen against it.


  1. Actually, you might invest in having a chat with your roommate about respecting each other. My student advisor told us that he had a deal with his roommate where they had to inform each other of impending guests a WEEK before the expected visit. Screwing while your roommate is there is very rude, and if it bothers you the solution is not to ignore it and buy earplugs, it's to have a serious discussion with your roommate (preferrably in ADVANCE!)

    tl;dr = You give terrible advice.

  2. I get what you're saying, but part of this blog is humor which I thought I got across in the video. So maybe your and my idea of humor are seriously different. But for the sake of readers who wanted a real solution I posted what I legitimately think of this problem in my lasted post blog (PS on the 'easy' roommate). And it may or may not be to your liking. Thanks for commenting though, you're the first one!